Oh my goodness!! I'm just now barely dipping my toes into your wonderful work, but I have to do a quick comment to say how LOVELY this little Spitfire pilot is! I have a very deep love for WWII history and am excited to dig into your creations :)

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Thank you so much Kristin. I do love my little aviator mouse and I can't wait to bring my feisty girl spy mouse into the world, hopefully in 2025. WWII history is so interesting, where did your interest come from? ANZAC Day was always a very important day for me even through school and my husband was a RAAF Officer for 20 years so military history has always been a passion of mine (not that I'm very good at remembering dates of anything). I adore your writing as well as your gorgeous illustrations and I can't wait to spend some time going through your work too.

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Oh how wonderful! And thank you to your husband (and your whole family) for service!

My dad has always been an aviation buff and WWII history buff, so I grew up steeped in airplane identification, etc. We go to all the local heritage flight museums regularly...there's something so humbling in the experience, every time.

Thank you for your kind words about my ramblings!! I'm loving your seasonal work, too!

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